Four Bedroom

  • Sequoia A



    The boomerang was probably invented by a guy who loved playing frisbee but didn’t have any friends. With four bedrooms and lots of room, you’ll never feel alone here. *Per Bedroom Rate

  • Sequoia B



    Named after the world’s largest tree, the Sequoia B is Avery’s largest floor plan option. With 1,150 feet, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for roommate bonding or kicking back in your own space after class. *Per Bedroom Rate, Varies by Incentive Offered

Three Bedroom

  • Evergreen A



    Known for their all-year round green leaves, the Evergreen is the perfect tree for California’s landscape. And known for its spacious layout, the Evergreen A is the perfect home for you and your friends. *Per Bedroom Rate

  • Evergreen B



    Fun Fact: Evergreen B attempted to change its name to Queen B, but was overruled by Beyoncé who holds that title. It has since come to terms and embraces itself as an apartment. *Per Bedroom Rate

Two Bedroom

  • Cypress A



    Similar to how you feel while wearing footy pajamas on a cold winter night, the Cypress A provides our residents with a cozy, comfortable option for living. *Per Bedroom Rate

  • Cypress B



    The middle child is notorious for being forgotten, but not Cypress B. It may fall between A and C, but this apartment surely stands apart with its unique layout. *Per Bedroom Rate

  • Available

    Think of this one as the fraternal brother of the Cypress A – they’re similar, but different. A great option for a lover of 2-bedrooms with more room for activities. *Per Bedroom Rate

  • Cypress C



    Likes: Large closets, tidy bathrooms, lattes, and sunset swimming in the pool. Dislikes: Crazy cats, scorching summers, and unmade beds. My name is Cypress C and I’m looking for a match. *Per Bedroom Rate

One Bedroom

  • Palm



    Unlike this well-known tree found throughout the city of Fresno, the Palm is a rare floor plan amongst the options at Avery and go very quick! *Per Bedroom Rate